Tuesday, March 24, 2015

had a feeling...there was something out there for me...

will add a photo tomorrow.

had a feeling with garbage day tomorrow in my neighborhood that i should drive a few blocks vicinity. getting discouraged after finding a couple 1940s little golden books in a pile of junk (they were in a drawer with no dresser and not a quality drawer either...so it was left behind, but the books came with me...

i thought if the light musty smell from the books wouldnt come off with dryer sheets in a box for a couple weeks i could resort to using the pretty pictures on the pages, and nursery rhymes to decoupage onto little chairs, desks, or bookshelves....then my mind began racing with possibilities of which little chair would go with which picture...didnt come up with anything at the moment and wasnt yet home, so set the books aside and...

i continued on to a few more alleys, just when i thought there was nothing else...i found a little blue painted rocking chair. missing one third of the seat. ugh. at least it was in decent shape otherwise.

deciding i would figure out something with it, i picked it up to put in my suv. lo and behold there lie the mssing piece of the seat in what little grass appeared after the wrath of our long midwest winter.! yay. it can be repaired, wood filled, glued sanded and repainted...

will definitely get a before and after picture of this and add it here.

I figured as cold as it is outside here still, and the little find i was not going to score much else in the local area, and didnt really want to get gas with my last few dollars today so headed home. tomorrow will get the little chair ready for a before picture.

just had a feeling the universe was trying to deliver something to me, i just had to go out and look to find it! two books and a little diy chair paint decoupage project. or rescue two little golden books from musty smells using dryer sheets. maybe a little of both since i can maybe just take copies of a few pages and decoupage them on. win win situation. unless there is a copyright on the pictures from the 40s...hmm. will have to check that out first!

my little table first of the year diy project

This lil table was given to me. It was covered in sticky wallpaper on top, and all painted in chipped brown paint.

i decided to use some lovely 99 cent quarts of paint from my nearby neighborhood Ace hardware store. and gave this little table a brand new look.

still deciding on whether or not to paint the pretty ladderback chair with rush seat or leave it untouched in great condition that fits perfectly with the table. i think leave it as is for now. will get a photo of chair soon to show better what i am talking about.

now it is fun funky colors and will look great as a very unique piece added to any room. still going to touch it up and add some suprise touches to the top and sides. will work on a second photo of the whole finished project when i am done.

facebook links to pyrex in the midwest! iowa illinois quad cities area

here is a new page on facebook where i will be offering suprise discounts and specials with random new customers and friends who visit and like the page. :).


here is a closed group on facebook...


and Yes! the Quad Cities was a Jeopardy question on the game show...name the cities in The Quad Cities area! my home town stompin grounds... :)

if you missed it or really dont believe me, or are just curious, please do check out one of our local radio stations that shared a link to the Jeopardy video :). http://97x.com/the-quad-cities-were-featured-as-an-answer-on-jeopardy/

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Pickle Soup or Zupa Ogorkowa (google translate to learn how to say that ;) )

With the holidays coming up, Easter and such I thought back to the beautiful Easter eggs painted for Polish holidays. What talent!

just found this website with pickle soup. or in polish zupa ogorkowa. What does that have to do with Easter eggs? Nothing, i got side tracked thinking about making soup...

 Being part polish and hungarian I just decided to start researching that portion of my family tree a bit more. The best part of research is holiday customs, and great new recipes that are pretty affordable to create on a tight budget. they say kids love it. cannot wait to try it. seems fairly inexpensive to make and would go great with cheese biscuits fresh from the oven. 

So glad to have found so many recipes and webpages with great things to try! not sure about testing my skills painting detailed easter eggs yet though...that may have to wait just a little bit longer..

I do not get credit for sharing this link, and do not claim creation of the following link. I would like to thank the author however, for all the wonderful foods to try! http://www.agataspolishrecipes.com/zupa-ogorkowa-1.html

Monday, March 2, 2015

beautiful day out here in the midwest spring is on the way

WHile it is a beautiful day here in the midwest it is still too cold to paint anything.

I have had a rough couple of years and want to give a thanks to those who have supported me through difficult times

and to those who disappeared and are coming back around Thank you! It is always great to see old friends, earn new friends and

look forward to a whole new spring and summer ahead for 2015.

We may have rain tomorrow to melt the rest of the snow here in Iowa. THat would be wonderful which with hopes of the time change coming this weekend ahead, i am getting pretty excited for spring to arrive!

Looking forward to lots of recycling, upcycling, and rehabbing projects with chairs, chalk paint, regular paint, acrylics, end tables, desks, tables, chairs, oh did i already say chairs? Ah 4thelove ofchairs of course i did! Hoping to find fellow new members for the Womenpainting Chairs club and see it take off for getting lots of projects completed this spring!