Monday, February 20, 2012

welcome! i have this address linked to twitter. so here you are ending up in my webpages...enjoy the photos. please like my pages on facebook...any questions please ask! thank you. :)

products you can earn money on with your own business

ask me how! have products you already buy delivered to your door. have your own business. have makeup parties, find products you love and ones you may already use. message me if you want to see how! or just visit my webpage at all products ordered are money back guarantee within 180 days of purchase! and are delivered. free delivery over 150 dollar orders. thank you! the hairspray is awesome. the laundry soap makes clothes smell fresh and lasts a long time! the mousse hair product doesnt leave hair sticky and works great! some of my fave products. post your favorite amway items here! :)

Friday, February 10, 2012

As you all may know I have not worked a real job in over a year and a half. how you may ask? through investments, creativity and my own home based businesses. I am ready to share some opportunities with friends and family, colleagues to help you find ways to earn money buying things like groceries and items you already buy for you family and home. it has been awesome fun. I thank God for the new friends who have helped me be successful and continue to follow my dreams. want to know more? message me. i would be happy to help you.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

there is beauty all around us waiting to create smiles

there is beauty all around us waiting to create smiles-mja by Michelle Jacobs-anderson photography. please also see and on facebook my photography fan page

 In life do we shine or sink? do we overcome challenges and inspire others? please see my book project on facebook
i hope to continue seeking funds and collecting pre orders for my inspirational book project Shine or Sink for self publishing. I know it would be a wonderful thing to share my photography and inspiration with even those who do not have the internet!

there is beauty all around us waiting to create smiles-mja by Michelle Jacobs-anderson photography.

Friday, February 3, 2012

new opportunities arise when you follow your dreams!

there are several things as i follow my dreams that are beginning to take shape,
planning a neighborhood green space to improve an empty city lot in my neighborhood,
 publishing an inspirational book of with my photography work, painting furniture,
and seeing my DonatePaint project come to life.
 There are many other things i am also working on like the women painting chairs club which helps bring people together to meet new friends and accomplish any project they may have
the first project will be helping pack a home for a new friend 
who is moving and this summer
hopefully even painting chairs etc... ;)
these are the main ones for now.

when we believe in ourselves and things we like to do
and work towards our goals
things just seem to fall into place.

i wish each of you the best of luck in following your dreams as well.

if you are interested in any of the above projects please ask me for more details!

just found some wonderful amazing people who offered me a plan to have fun, travel and enjoy life and get paid for it! thank you Gail, Jim, Pam and everyone for helping make my dreams possible! It is always exciting to follow your dreams and see the possibilities open up to you so they may come true. if anyone else would like to know how to enjoy life and follow their dreams please ask me!