Sunday, December 7, 2014

find new vintage and antique products here

seems i am always thinking up great ideas, innovation they call it, creativity, one day one of these great ideas just may lead somewhere good. Well, in fact, they all do. It is a good hobby for me to have fun while also taking care of my family.
I create pages, blogs, and go thrifting. I love helping others find things they are searching for and find new homes for things i find interesting along the way that i will pick up and bring home.
or bonanza

prices on everything are negotiable, see something you love? let me know and let's work out a fair price. Not saying my prices are not fair already but we do all have different budgets to work with and am willing to work with you to stay in your budget and still find happiness.

i ship via fedex, or usps priority mail with tracking. everything is wrapped well. even better?
i have started gift wrapping small items before sending them out for that special touch for my customers.

depending on the day, i will post different things in different places and always try to keep things updated as best as I can. I  answer everyone's comments requests and messages right away and always send out items upon cleared payment quickly!

lots of ways to browse shop and buy.

thanks for looking! and check back often.

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 if there is an item you do not see please email me at so i can get things added that we have missed listing there!
as always is free to join, free to list, and free to sell. only fees are connected to paypal when buyer pays for your item. if listing items of your own for sale on ecrater, be sure to click on community and read tons of good tips when starting your store there. happy shopping and happy selling....


Friday, October 31, 2014

treasure hunting finds

OMG i havent been to my own blog page for awhile! but since then i have found a fun hobby to keep me busy besides just painting and rehabbing furniture to make it new again. Treasure hunting at estate sales and thrifting for unique and out of the ordinary things
just like you would find in gramas attic which is what i named my booth on
renew your soul and believe you can make a difference with vintage good quality items rather than new. Just dont ask for all my pyrex. ;). i have been known to be very generous but when it comes to chairs and pyrex i get a little bit protective.

please visit often and share updates here to bring more visitors. mention you did this and get a discount on your next rare treasure purchase from my website. even more fun? on bonanza you can make an offer and wait for the seller to accept and ship out your order.