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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Christmas is on its way, gift giving should be all year long

Christmas is on its way. 
My personal belief is that the spirit of giving should be all year long. 
Ebay and Etsy are great places to find unique vintage rare antique and one of a kind items!
Or just ask me. I and a few friends travel many areas of the US to find the best most unique items
in out of the beaten path way where the best things are yet to be discovered...

Please message me for correct total prior to purchasing from outside the US. This site is in progress and international shipping has not yet been added to reflect correct amounts. The Buy it Now button is for US customers only at this time.

I welcome you to message me to request a correct invoice via paypal for your international priority mail order request. 

Mikasa Germany bowl 6 US dollars plus shipping.



Vintage Echt Bleikristall Over 24% Pb0 Lead Crystal Bell Frosted Heart Tall:6.75" Wide 2.5" Made in Germany.


Avon candy dish
$5 — davenport
6 inches wide by about 4 inches tall with lid on

This dish is 3 inches tall. with lid, just under 5 and a half inches tall about 4 inches across the top with 2 inch base. Anchor Hocking EAPC or early american prescut.


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Pickle Soup or Zupa Ogorkowa (google translate to learn how to say that ;) )

With the holidays coming up, Easter and such I thought back to the beautiful Easter eggs painted for Polish holidays. What talent!

just found this website with pickle soup. or in polish zupa ogorkowa. What does that have to do with Easter eggs? Nothing, i got side tracked thinking about making soup...

 Being part polish and hungarian I just decided to start researching that portion of my family tree a bit more. The best part of research is holiday customs, and great new recipes that are pretty affordable to create on a tight budget. they say kids love it. cannot wait to try it. seems fairly inexpensive to make and would go great with cheese biscuits fresh from the oven. 

So glad to have found so many recipes and webpages with great things to try! not sure about testing my skills painting detailed easter eggs yet though...that may have to wait just a little bit longer..

I do not get credit for sharing this link, and do not claim creation of the following link. I would like to thank the author however, for all the wonderful foods to try!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

be sure to check out my new blog

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as always is free to join, free to list, and free to sell. only fees are connected to paypal when buyer pays for your item. if listing items of your own for sale on ecrater, be sure to click on community and read tons of good tips when starting your store there. happy shopping and happy selling....


Friday, February 10, 2012

As you all may know I have not worked a real job in over a year and a half. how you may ask? through investments, creativity and my own home based businesses. I am ready to share some opportunities with friends and family, colleagues to help you find ways to earn money buying things like groceries and items you already buy for you family and home. it has been awesome fun. I thank God for the new friends who have helped me be successful and continue to follow my dreams. want to know more? message me. i would be happy to help you.