PAINTING FUN with the kids

THIS IS EVELYN'S VERY FIRST PAINTING!!! age one yr 5 months.

cant wait til summertime again so we can paint! the midwest USA fall and winter seasons were
exceptionally cold!!
it is almost springtime here again then the race is on for a hot summer. that
is when we paint.


getting ready for the Blues Fest, this is "Guitar Blues" acrylic on canvas. guitar with wings...can even be displayed upside down. :)

 this one is another of my favorites!

"SUNSET RHYTHM" features guitars  and keyboards. the heart of the music is in our souls. always enjoy a sunset when you can and celebrate life!

Mr. Guitar G
really dont know where this came from? my brush got a lil carried away. still turned out quite interesting and fun!
music is an art too and should not be bottled up or you will feel hollow inside kinda like a guitar...stay happy sing loud play a tune fill your sould with music.
this picture actually makes me smile.

"Slow n Easy"
one of my favorites
colors are all just right in this one i never tire of looking at it! reminds us to not rush through life and enjoy the music.

prints in any size are available as well as magnets for the fridge.  ;) please message me for details!

There are matching small canvas totes for 35 each and tshirts for 28 dollars to match your painting.

i also have available the you rock series of birthday greeting cards for your special musician friends! 4.99 each on cardstock paper

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below are several oil and watercolor pastel crayon drawings

Peer Pressure


my indian type drawings.
i have several more in this style
not shown

A Flower for Heaven

creative outlook on society living alone as if on top of a mountain while surrounded by neighbors