Friday, October 31, 2014

treasure hunting finds

OMG i havent been to my own blog page for awhile! but since then i have found a fun hobby to keep me busy besides just painting and rehabbing furniture to make it new again. Treasure hunting at estate sales and thrifting for unique and out of the ordinary things
just like you would find in gramas attic which is what i named my booth on
renew your soul and believe you can make a difference with vintage good quality items rather than new. Just dont ask for all my pyrex. ;). i have been known to be very generous but when it comes to chairs and pyrex i get a little bit protective.

please visit often and share updates here to bring more visitors. mention you did this and get a discount on your next rare treasure purchase from my website. even more fun? on bonanza you can make an offer and wait for the seller to accept and ship out your order.