we can find beauty and miracles blessings and hope in our very own world around us. you can find priceless memories in nature to inspire you every single moment of every single day. more photos on
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i was inspired to share my clouds and inspiration in a book called Shine or Sink.
more photos of angel clouds and inspirational quotes here as well! enjoy...

little girl angel and her dog AMAZING!

Davenport, Iowa river front during a flood

we went for a walk on a warm spring day..along the mississippi river at a sandy spot of beach in a place called Buffalo, Iowa...Buffalo beach and it's campground and boat docks were deserted except for 2 geese out for a swim not too far past the shoreline, sand a few pieces of driftwood basking in the sunshine...i decided to write some inspirational messages and capture photos to share with you and look back to for the memories of time spent together as a family as well as the messages that inspire me as well.

we must first know our past before we can let go of things and proceed to move on in life. we must first learn our own identities, our history, our roots in the world...please help fight for
make all adoption records open. there is a petition on with a few signatures. there is also a facebook page for it with links to bigger and more powerful movements to help. With everyone making their voices heard, laws have been recently passed to allow adoptees a copy of their own personal original birth certificate-their own identity. how strange it must be to go through life as if alienated from your own life, alienated by your own country being told you belong but knowing you have no clue where you came from.

we must keep fighting for those who still do not know their own identity. Tell the government to free our citizens, free their identities being held hostage by red tape and bureaucracy.

We as people each deserve the freedom to know who we are and our own roots.

together we can change the world. united we can live in safe neighborhoods.

if things look brighter on the other side of the bridge, we must cross the bridge to succeed. taking the first step to overcome obstacles in life equals the greatest step in achieving success in your goals

when you are not sure which way to go, either way is good really. no matter which way you go in life
will be your already planned path in life. it is what you choose to do with that direction and how you handle it that counts. do you have faith? do you live for God?

Don't drift away. This says so much. Many times we know God is hoping we don't drift away from Him. Many times in life we hope someone we love doesn't drift away from us. Always be Thankful for God's never ending love. Always be Thankful for those you love. Sometimes those we love will drift away. God never will and will always be there waiting for us to return to Him.

How much faith do you have in faith and hope and inspiration? when we have a goal and a determination to accomplish something in life, hope and faith will keep us on that path to success.
please order a copy of my inspirational book Shine or Sink.

always believe. always watch sunsets. take pictures. make wishes. have dreams. always believe.

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