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Taylor Smith & Taylor unmarked

Taylor Smith & Taylor marked
I remember my grandmother had this pattern of dishes as i was growing up. I began finding pieces 
and then began finding collectors who love it as much as i love the nostalgia of having it around. 
one day i walked into a nice friendly little shop and found an entire box filled to the brim with these. 
it takes the cake in my previous happy scores of finding a cup or saucer here or there. 
i did not post every single piece yet...i have almost a hundred pieces of this, including the more rare butter dish and lid with the fancy lid topped with a handle.

wow this looks like a china shop but it really is part of my crazy collection in my china cabinet. had to look twice when i loaded the picture here. It always amazes me how i ever get anything done at all when it is easy to get side tracked and lost in the world of imagination of tea parties to be and entertaining possibilities and of course, wondering about the history of each piece and admiring the beauty of it all. Amazing how things can last so many years in my opinion....

my depression glass and most likely i am guessing at the names of it all..federal glass? its a gold color and pretty. 

my fave antique mirror, even has my initial on it on the other side. my grand daughter loves picking it up and looking at it when she visits. i call it my magic mirror...nothing really magic about it really unless you believe in magic. :)

kind of looks like a wall with plates hanging. yep that would be magic eh? they have a star pattern in the middle...and no it is really just the floor 

 it is really difficult to take pictures without the right lighting and background...i have found this out the hard way. the plates are not light to move around finding just the right spot. will have to try this again at a later time. back into the china cabinet they go...
more Taylor Smith and Taylor cups these are in a dusty rose color with white and turquoise daisies...Daisies! my favorite...they are unmarked.

notice the difference between fine china and this 
majesticware by sakura stoneware..sturdy but just not as pretty in my opinion. it does work well and last!

Here we go! I have lots of Corelle.
This is Corelle Livingware by Corning Made in U.S.A.
lots of Corning has similar or matching pattern designs to Pyrex which makes 
collecting so much more fun :).
these dishes have been known to be very durable but if one should ever break be very very
careful cleaning it up. i have a ceramic tile floor. dropped one of these plates that landed just right and didnt break. I got lucky that time.

 These are vintage Made in Japan small stoneware cups with cute vintage brown and multicolor flowers.

More Corning. These are restaurant quality, heavy durable cups with red. Who doesn't love red? Right?

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