Monday, March 12, 2012

more photography by mja photography and contact info. ;)

Welcome! stay awhile, browse, laugh, have fun enjoy....relax....then after checking out the photos here you are welcome to order any prints magnets cards etc by clicking here..mja photography to order prints and merchandise  or just message me for prices to purchase any items shown (furniture, canes, and to schedule times for painting fun-groups of any size or age-yes 1 yr olds are welcome to paint their first masterpiece!-local quad cities area) at   Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

st patricks day cupcakes

there are many favorite recipes that i enjoy. there is never enough time to cook when i have so many other interests in life! so usually i just throw a few things together and eat on the run. That's an aries for you!

be sure to add Fat Cupcakes to your facebook pages-my specialty is Ball canning jar spice cakes. easy to send by mail in the USA. to order please message me!

pinterest seems to be the hottest new spot to find super delicious recipes and betty crocker...

i have a couple photos of food here made quick and easily as snacks however like i said above the food recipes are on pinterest. i would like to add some of my favorites here when i can.

i love baking. it doesnt always turn out pretty but does taste pretty good. usually... ;). with a little more ummmm ok possibly a lot more practice i hope to have some photo worthy posting cupcakes
to show off here in the near future!!

even found some St. Patty's day decor to top my next big batch of cupcakes with. so in the next week is cupcake pictures.

now that i have mentioned it, well let's just hope for no major disasters, and that they turn out edible and of course look good enough to showcase!

wish me luck!

you know that old saying luck o the irish be with you? well i am part irish and my luck held out today. me and my sweet littl e 2 year old grand daughter Evelyn Liliana made chocolate cake. at first she ran off with the bag of cake mix and i followed her. i pictured her ripping open the powder mix all through the hallway and spending the day cleaning up the wood floor but alas! that did not happen.
we were in luck and continued making our cake.

(she helped by watching fascinated to see how we turned stuff into chocolate cake -she really wanted to hold the eggs when we started but i decided more against that than for it-;))

all said and done we were both pretty happy with the results of our hard work.