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Thursday, October 20, 2016

welcome welcome!

Decided to take the plunge and rent my own little booth at
the local flea market mall filled with treasures!
just East a few miles from The World's Largest Truck Stop
sits The West Kimberly Mall, a hidden gem in Davenport, Iowa.
open 7 days a week!
I called my booth The Painted Chair Shop Booth #6034
and can be found on a more active Facebook page
The Painted Chair Shop there too!
Even have a website created right here from Blogger
While i love being a traveling Gypsy and of course we
should all treat ourselves like princesses, I am guessing
The Painted Chair Shop seemed appropriate for a
name to sell painted chairs and things.
We will see how it all goes!
Oh! even better? Who Doesn't need a few extra dollars
deposited in their Paypal account every now and then?
Try signing up currently for as low as 8 dollars
with me and my team at Abby and Anna's! You could earn
commissions on sales as well as on your downline, or in other
words your people you sign up under you are your downline!
Please do message me at and put
abby sign up in the title so i can find your request!
if you have any questions just ask! Thanks. :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Pickle Soup or Zupa Ogorkowa (google translate to learn how to say that ;) )

With the holidays coming up, Easter and such I thought back to the beautiful Easter eggs painted for Polish holidays. What talent!

just found this website with pickle soup. or in polish zupa ogorkowa. What does that have to do with Easter eggs? Nothing, i got side tracked thinking about making soup...

 Being part polish and hungarian I just decided to start researching that portion of my family tree a bit more. The best part of research is holiday customs, and great new recipes that are pretty affordable to create on a tight budget. they say kids love it. cannot wait to try it. seems fairly inexpensive to make and would go great with cheese biscuits fresh from the oven. 

So glad to have found so many recipes and webpages with great things to try! not sure about testing my skills painting detailed easter eggs yet though...that may have to wait just a little bit longer..

I do not get credit for sharing this link, and do not claim creation of the following link. I would like to thank the author however, for all the wonderful foods to try!

Friday, January 27, 2012

i love creating web pages and new ideas for fun things to do that will connect people. today i founded and created the Women Painting Chairs Club on and on Facebook

it is a comically described club for women designed to support each other and get those little projects completed that pile up around the house like the miscellaneous broken down desk,
nightstand or chair that we see great beauty in if we could just get it painted!

 please join me there as we follow a fun journey of meeting new friends, have new adventures and see how our adopchairs go! ;) thank you so much for your support. You are what makes it all possible!