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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Christmas decorating..

Soon i will have a forest of trees indoors. I have always have been fascinated with trees year round for decorating. This is the only time of year the family lets me get away with it all. Cannot help but feel a little bit guilty for going a little overboard, but then remind myself that life is short and we should never feel bad for doing things that truly make us happy. This makes me happy. Helping others also makes me happy. It is a good feelimg when we can smile, be blessed and help bless others too. I like to think that happens when I set out each day to do good things in life. Smile and make someones day, you never know how important and big that small gesture may be to them. While it may be a really small house, i try to make the best of the tiny spaces to make a home, and that is big. Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

No Job Doesn't Mean I am Dead

it is time to evaluate your friends family and life very closely when you find yourself without a job.
what is most important to you?
have your friends and family been there for you and offered any sort of help or have they abandoned you?
technically there is a book for that called toxic parents. this also works with friends. weed out the bad ones who are not there for you
make room for the ones who are.

please also see

You will be surprised at just how many actually act as if you are gone forever while not working.
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