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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Christmas decorating..

Soon i will have a forest of trees indoors. I have always have been fascinated with trees year round for decorating. This is the only time of year the family lets me get away with it all. Cannot help but feel a little bit guilty for going a little overboard, but then remind myself that life is short and we should never feel bad for doing things that truly make us happy. This makes me happy. Helping others also makes me happy. It is a good feelimg when we can smile, be blessed and help bless others too. I like to think that happens when I set out each day to do good things in life. Smile and make someones day, you never know how important and big that small gesture may be to them. While it may be a really small house, i try to make the best of the tiny spaces to make a home, and that is big. Happy Holidays!

Friday, February 3, 2012

new opportunities arise when you follow your dreams!

there are several things as i follow my dreams that are beginning to take shape,
planning a neighborhood green space to improve an empty city lot in my neighborhood,
 publishing an inspirational book of with my photography work, painting furniture,
and seeing my DonatePaint project come to life.
 There are many other things i am also working on like the women painting chairs club which helps bring people together to meet new friends and accomplish any project they may have
the first project will be helping pack a home for a new friend 
who is moving and this summer
hopefully even painting chairs etc... ;)
these are the main ones for now.

when we believe in ourselves and things we like to do
and work towards our goals
things just seem to fall into place.

i wish each of you the best of luck in following your dreams as well.

if you are interested in any of the above projects please ask me for more details!

just found some wonderful amazing people who offered me a plan to have fun, travel and enjoy life and get paid for it! thank you Gail, Jim, Pam and everyone for helping make my dreams possible! It is always exciting to follow your dreams and see the possibilities open up to you so they may come true. if anyone else would like to know how to enjoy life and follow their dreams please ask me!