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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Christmas is on its way, gift giving should be all year long

Christmas is on its way. 
My personal belief is that the spirit of giving should be all year long. 
Ebay and Etsy are great places to find unique vintage rare antique and one of a kind items!
Or just ask me. I and a few friends travel many areas of the US to find the best most unique items
in out of the beaten path way where the best things are yet to be discovered...

Please message me for correct total prior to purchasing from outside the US. This site is in progress and international shipping has not yet been added to reflect correct amounts. The Buy it Now button is for US customers only at this time.

I welcome you to message me to request a correct invoice via paypal for your international priority mail order request. 

Mikasa Germany bowl 6 US dollars plus shipping.



Vintage Echt Bleikristall Over 24% Pb0 Lead Crystal Bell Frosted Heart Tall:6.75" Wide 2.5" Made in Germany.


Avon candy dish
$5 — davenport
6 inches wide by about 4 inches tall with lid on

This dish is 3 inches tall. with lid, just under 5 and a half inches tall about 4 inches across the top with 2 inch base. Anchor Hocking EAPC or early american prescut.


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

facebook links to pyrex in the midwest! iowa illinois quad cities area

here is a new page on facebook where i will be offering suprise discounts and specials with random new customers and friends who visit and like the page. :).

here is a closed group on facebook...

and Yes! the Quad Cities was a Jeopardy question on the game the cities in The Quad Cities area! my home town stompin grounds... :)

if you missed it or really dont believe me, or are just curious, please do check out one of our local radio stations that shared a link to the Jeopardy video :).

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

the last supper chalkware and some history

Vintage "THE LAST SUPPER" 3d Wall Hanging Plaque 1950s?
jUdas standing on the end with the cup of Christ 
is one of the 12 disciples and Jesus in the middle.

15" long x 7 1/2 inches tall x 3 1/2 inches thick.  and it does have a wire hanger that is pretty sturdy built right into the chalkware piece. it is also stamped with a #12 on the top edge.

The interesting thing in this portrayal chalkware wall hanging there is no Mary Magdalene.

according to vampire lore, Judas was the original vampire which is also an interesting thought as you usually do not see Judas in these scenes holding the cup of Christ, where the authorian  legend believes the cup was to catch the blood of Christ when he was crucified...

just some interesting lore i have heard as i have collected many of these and always seem to find different things in each one.

The holy Grail was the cup of Christ. many little religious things to learn when collecting religious Last Supper Chalkware. 

this one will come especially gift wrapped and packaged for safe shipping via usps priority mail for US customers at no additional charge.
please message me if outside the US for shipping details.

Here is some more interesting history at wikipedia....

Sunday, December 7, 2014

find new vintage and antique products here

seems i am always thinking up great ideas, innovation they call it, creativity, one day one of these great ideas just may lead somewhere good. Well, in fact, they all do. It is a good hobby for me to have fun while also taking care of my family.
I create pages, blogs, and go thrifting. I love helping others find things they are searching for and find new homes for things i find interesting along the way that i will pick up and bring home.
or bonanza

prices on everything are negotiable, see something you love? let me know and let's work out a fair price. Not saying my prices are not fair already but we do all have different budgets to work with and am willing to work with you to stay in your budget and still find happiness.

i ship via fedex, or usps priority mail with tracking. everything is wrapped well. even better?
i have started gift wrapping small items before sending them out for that special touch for my customers.

depending on the day, i will post different things in different places and always try to keep things updated as best as I can. I  answer everyone's comments requests and messages right away and always send out items upon cleared payment quickly!

lots of ways to browse shop and buy.

thanks for looking! and check back often.