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Sunday, December 6, 2015

sales vs vine videos

so we all know i love
treasure hunting at thrift stores
estate sales and little shops
on unbeaten paths along the back roads of the midwest...there is something new though besides still learning how to add
a pay now button and order form to my blog page...which is even more work..still i have other outlets for that..and will get to it..for an artist, i when i see new things or think of them, like creating and writing a sequel ending to It's a wonderful life like i believe needs to be done
my next venture includes learning to make a vine video.. so thats next!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

facebook links to pyrex in the midwest! iowa illinois quad cities area

here is a new page on facebook where i will be offering suprise discounts and specials with random new customers and friends who visit and like the page. :).

here is a closed group on facebook...

and Yes! the Quad Cities was a Jeopardy question on the game the cities in The Quad Cities area! my home town stompin grounds... :)

if you missed it or really dont believe me, or are just curious, please do check out one of our local radio stations that shared a link to the Jeopardy video :).