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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Happy Summer! which is going way. too. fast. i have painted 1 count em all 1. end table. the entire summer which has been soaked with rain or too darned hot to be outside without scorching exhaustion.

stay cool! stay dry. if the weather would cooperate i would be able to just maybe finish a few more pieces of furniture!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

some projects i have been working on.

Happy Halloween! Chair

this is a fun big round antique table i created. i found 4 hard to find ladderback chairs made in italy. i removed the legs, put the chairs in storage, and rolled the oversized -to me- table top right into my living room. it is like a giant canvas that just needs more blues and blacks and more designs on top before it will match well with the 6 legs underneath! i plan to also add some lime green and more colors to the bottom portions of the chairs to help them match better too. overall it is a fun alice in wonderland type of creation that is whimsical and very unique. I was told had it been a much larger table for a very large family it would have been an instant sold item. that was a great compliment! no space for a much larger table. my goal is to find a really big table for next spring to create more art. Big families need fun tables too, right? :) by spring i will have lots of time to take a few months to work on a large creation. currently cold weather is getting too close to start a big project or go looking for another one. I have several here still to get finished! much has gone back into storage since during the winter i basically hibernate and spring and summer outdoors weather is the only time i can really work on projects. a giant workshop would be ideal if such a thing didnt cost so much.  someday i will maybe just have one.

folk art buffet waiting for a new home

this cutie went to a new home

a set of twins! i found two of these chairs at Habitat Restore - a place where people donate to save project pieces, furniture, and construction and diy supplies that are no longer wanted from going to a landfill. only one antique bucket though! they are few and far between for me to find around my area.. I used many colors of Heirloom Traditions paint, from mandarin, mermaid tail, feathered nest, passion, buttermilk to gypsy green. with so many colors to choose from it is hard to just choose one! not even done screwing on the little curved side pieces to the chairs and this one has been spoken for. one more to go! Happy Autumn! 

This was a cute little bookshelf which i turned on its side. and had help attaching a mid century modern vanity bench leg frame that was missing its top as the new legs for an ultra cool gypsy bohemian style display shelf. IT did go to a young lady with a bohemian themed hang out room! turns out it was perfect for her teenage space.

over 70 years old. that is right! not the little dresser, the neighbor lady! who bought this dresser. she watches closely out her kitchen window to see what project i am working on each time, and soon comes to claim them as her very own!  :) she is one of my best customers. She is also raising her grand daughter, a sweet little girl, Jada who also loves my artwork. I believe if you look up pictures of a Rainbow Eucalyptus tree you will find similar colors to this very paint color scheme i ended up with. Not sure i can redo it, but will try on a Kroehler upright dresser for her older granddaughter who tried to no avail to take this very one from her own grandma. her request is to use it in her dining room as a display piece. i havent yet started on that one. i better get busy!

i really did love each piece i painted here. the coffee table, the pedestals, the antique white dresser, the desk and the white chair all in the back ground went to new homes. i did say the little rocking chair was for display only... sometimes i love a piece so much i just do not yet want to part with it. sometimes it takes many months of going back to a piece before it is truly finished. guess you could say furniture is like toys for me, and painting them is my passion. am thinking the little rocking chair needs just a bit more added before it can really be ready for going anywhere. 

all these chairs...and not one spot of paint yet!

i just cannot seem to find the handles for these or the antique mirror that belongs to one of is here in my pile of mirrors somewhere! i simply love the fact they are much smaller than a lot of dressers and i love the rustic look and multicolors that are simply but unique. an old man who i could tell was very much interested only in antiques inspected each of my antique projects...this and the big round table...and a little vanity nightstand...he did not buy but was only drawn to the antique pieces. he didnt say much of anything at all so who knows what he was thinking. sometimes it is better to not know.

this went to a new home. 

went to a new home. the girl and her mom were both dressed beautifully in bright colors when i saw them i knew it had found its perfect new owner. 

Monday, March 2, 2015

beautiful day out here in the midwest spring is on the way

WHile it is a beautiful day here in the midwest it is still too cold to paint anything.

I have had a rough couple of years and want to give a thanks to those who have supported me through difficult times

and to those who disappeared and are coming back around Thank you! It is always great to see old friends, earn new friends and

look forward to a whole new spring and summer ahead for 2015.

We may have rain tomorrow to melt the rest of the snow here in Iowa. THat would be wonderful which with hopes of the time change coming this weekend ahead, i am getting pretty excited for spring to arrive!

Looking forward to lots of recycling, upcycling, and rehabbing projects with chairs, chalk paint, regular paint, acrylics, end tables, desks, tables, chairs, oh did i already say chairs? Ah 4thelove ofchairs of course i did! Hoping to find fellow new members for the Womenpainting Chairs club and see it take off for getting lots of projects completed this spring!

Monday, February 16, 2015

painted furniture shabby paints coming soon ~ schedule now

be sure if you have always wanted to try painting furniture to get in touch with me, as shabby paints may be coming soon! am hoping to start scheduling demonstrations in home parties or community get togethers for trying your hand at painting your own special project. There is nothing like a one of a kind piece and especially created by you! 

Check back often for times and openings. i am planning on a shabby painting good spring and summer ahead! ~thanks! 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

october 17th 2012

looks like rain today here in the midwest..for fun please be sure to email me at for any chair upholstery or painted chair orders and be sure to check out my latest work on The Painted chair Shop on facebook all for sale!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Gypsy Princess Art

please message for unique painted furniture prices and estimates on items you would like repainted, repaired or refinished. thanks!

room dividers custom order

we are currently hand crafting room dividers and taking custom orders please message for prices. thank you.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

be sure to check out the photos and call if you have something you want painted!

i charge for cost of materials and labor which varies depending on the amount of time each item will take. you will end up with a very unique item when completed that no one else will have. that is priceless. right? of course! who wants to be like everyone else anyways. of course if it is freezing cold out since i work from home the job may have to wait til springtime unless we can find an indoor painting area soon! :)  we also upholster chairs and small benches.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


from my artwork to my favorite recipes, greeting cards made by my personally created cartoon characters and prints of inspirational messages featuring my cartoon characters or cloud photos can all be found here. Also here you will find my latest canvas paintings, recycled and recreated furniture and other items created by me. lots i still have yet to show! stay tuned. visit often.