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Monday, May 22, 2017

SUccesS happens When you Show Up

Look up! If you want success. Show up. Something
that just does not happen with my blog pages is me actually
showing up to write them.
Achieving success usually happens when we are looking up
paying attention and showing up expecting great things to happen.
No one has been successful doing nothing. Most everyone anyways.
Take time to reinvent what makes us happy is key to
learning what is not working, what could work better,
and how to improve things. No need to head all the way
Back to square one. Start where you have left off and see what
can help.
I have no clue, this is where writers block and road blocks have
prevented my success from building up.
rambling seems to help, may seem like rambling to you
but to me it is brainstorming for ideas of what direction
to go with what i have started and not finished.
was it burn out or just realizing things did not work the way
I thought they would or was it that i just plain did not like
the entire projects that had been started...not sure.
Aries loves starting projects and never finishing them.
That is my sign, we are also great leaders. At this point,
leading is at the bottom of my list until i figure out my actual
direction and next step!
When you believe in yourself others will believe in you and follow.
Got that. Enthusiasm makes things lots more fun. I will be enthused
when i get back to what i love doing again. currently being overwhelmed
life in general slowed me down, a lot. Life happens. Just realized this week
that even when life happens, we must make ourselves happy before we can continue
to make others happy. Art makes me happy. Treasure hunting and adventures make me happy.
 I need to make more art and go on more adventures. Life may happen, but we can choose to make Life happen with happiness.

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